A Condensed History of The Question Club

Sourced from the notes of Dr. Edwin Fast
Amended by Dr. R. Fraser Stokes and Dr. Lawrence J. Glad

The Question Club was conceived at a New Year’s Eve party at the Turkey’s Nest in Uniontown Pennsylvania in 1924 under the spell of Club Kentucky music and between drinks of moonshine and bathtub gin. Early formation meetings at the American Legion and Citizens Office led to the bylaws formation and the election of Albert E. Sesler as first President and Fred Mosler as first Secretary.

The Question Club was named as follows: The original members were quite proud of their club and agreed that the club deserved to be called something very special. Many names were suggested and turned down. Indecision persisted. Therefore, pending proper christening, notices of early meetings simply bore the name “Question Club” with the new name to be decided at a later date. “Ye Olde Towne Club” was used for several months. During the Business Meeting of November 1927, a motion was made and carried to revert to the original appellation, “Question Club”.

During the early years, highlighted events included bridge parties, stag picnics, house parties, ladies only events and formal dinner dances. Themes of early parties included a Sled riding party that became a hayride due to the lack of snow, a “ballgame” party, a circus theme party and a ship wreck party featuring “come as you are” attire that assured “full privileges and protection” for nudist attendees (the event was held June 16,1938.) The original 35 members were increased to 54 in 1928. By 1975 membership was increased to 70 members. In 1989 membership was 80 members. The club was 85 members strong in 1996 and reached peak membership of 90 members in 2002. Our current membership of 75 was achieved in 2012.

We now enjoy venues that include the Uniontown Country Club, Nemacolin Woodlands Resort, The Duquesne Club, The Rolling Rock Club and numerous Hotels, and Restaurants. It’s notable to remember when directions to the June 25th 1930 event were to “continue to the end of Wharton Furnace Road to the Union Hose Club.” The Question Club continues to encourage social activities and to promote good fellowship among club members, their wives and their guests as outlined in the bylaws of 1925 with some of the most outstanding people in our region.

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