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Welcome to the Question Club of Uniontown


Dear Question Club Members,

Welcome to the 2017 season and the 92nd year of our Question Club. This is an important year for our Club due to changes within the Club Structure and the desire of our Members to revitalize and invigorate the Club’s activities and membership. As we have already welcomed female membership into the Club, we also want to include the spouses and/or significant others of our Members as active participants in the Club’s activities and governance. It is our goal to increase your input into the Club so that we may provide the social activities and entertainment that interest YOU as members in our Club. We welcome your suggestions, your ideas for potential new members and your thoughts on planning our future events.

Many thanks to Dutch and Tammy Kaufman for all their hard work during 2016. Continued thanks to Clayton Gregg as our treasurer. The events were well-planned and enjoyed by all.

This year, as we welcome new members, we have waived the traditional member initiation fee of $ 150.00 for 2017 season to encourage the opportunity for you to consider nominating a candidate for membership. We also encourage you to offer candidates the opportunity for membership anytime during the 2017 social season by contacting the Officers with your candidate rather than waiting until our November Business Meeting.

Annual dues continue to be $ 500.00 for the 2017 Season. Due to increased costs of events, it was decided at our annual business meeting in November 2016, to continue with three premier events and one event that would be sponsored/hosted by a Club Member. This will allow for a reduced guest fee for potential new members to learn about our Club Membership. Thank you to Steve and Shannon Leskinen for hosting our July event at their home!

We will continue to utilize our website at as our primary means of communication for information, invitations and RSVP. We would welcome member input in building a Question Club Facebook page. Please contact the officers if you are interested in helping the Club to develop Social Media as we bring the Club into the 21st Century.

We are pleased to announce the following events for the 2017 Social Calendar.


December 2, 2017 – Our Holiday Event returns to the Uniontown Country Club.

Our goal as your officers and Board of Governors is to continue to create an engaging social experience for our members and their guests at a reasonable value. For us to achieve that goal, we need your help to provide new ideas for events, suggestions on entertainment, and new candidates for membership.

Warmest Regards from your 2017 Officers,

David Sines – President

Clayton Gregg – Treasurer

Lawrence J. Glad – Secretary